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100% Kona Espresso Roast Coffee 16oz

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Our Espresso Roast Kona Coffee is just perfect for those who love to make some of the classic coffee drinks: espressos, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, macchiatos, Cubanos and Americanos.

Like all Mountain Thunder Coffees, our Espresso Roast starts with carefully cultivated trees, all grown in the world-famous Kona Coffee Belt. These rare and highly praised beans comprise only 1/10 of 1% of the world’s coffee. Each bean is hand-picked and then expertly processed to ensure that only the highest-quality beans make it to our Roast Master, who then small batch roasts the beans to absolute perfection.

Mountain Thunder’s Expresso Roast, like all of our coffees, is 100% Kona Coffee. Espresso is our darkest, richest roast!

Taste Profile

Mountain Thunder Espresso Roast is characterized by its dark roast, which creates a slightly bitter taste profile, with noticeable chocolate overtones. It is mildly acidic with a smooth aftertaste.



List price: $32.90
Price: $32.90
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