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100% Kona Espresso Roast Coffee 16oz


About our 100% Kona Espresso Roast Coffee

Mountain Thunder’s Espresso Roast Kona Coffee is a 100% Kona Coffee that is roasted a little longer and at a higher temperature. This decreases the acidity while adding body, making it the perfect roast level for espresso lovers. It is also ideal for making some of the classic coffee drinks like Lattes, Mochas, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, Cubanos, and Americanos.

Our Espresso Roast Kona Coffee is a dark roast, which creates a slightly bitter taste profile, with noticeable chocolate overtones. The acidity is low, and it has a smooth aftertaste.

Mountain Thunder’s Espresso roast can be ordered in your choice of whole bean or ground.

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100% Kona Espresso Roast Coffee…Our Process

Our Kona Espresso Roast Coffee starts its journey to your cup on the slopes of volcanoes in the Kona Coffee Belt. This area on the leeward side of Hawaii Island, Hawaii, has ideal conditions for growing superb gourmet coffee … high elevations with mineral-rich volcanic soil. The gentle, cool mountain weather blesses this area with ideal amounts of sunshine and rain.

We pick the coffee fruit (the cherry) by hand. Each red cherry reaches our coffee mill within 24 hours of picking, and there it begins the process which takes it from red coffee fruit to roasted bean, bagged, ready to ship directly to you.

We first remove the outer cherry skin and then dry the beans to a precise moisture content. The dried coffee beans are then stored in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse. This aging process helps bring out the unique aroma and flavor of our Kona Espresso Coffee. Each bean is sorted multiple times for color, size, and density. This ensures that our RoastMaster has only the best of the best Kona Coffee Beans to roast. Any coffee beans that do not meet Mountain Thunder standards are sold off to wholesalers and never sold under the Mountain Thunder label.

Our RoastMaster roasts daily to make sure we only ship the freshest Kona Coffee.

Our Espresso Roast Coffee is packaged in specially-designed multi-layer bags with one-way air valves. Just before sealing the bag, we flush out oxygen using food-grade nitrogen to make sure that your coffee will stay fresh and arrive with that unmistakable aroma of Kona Coffee.

Mountain Thunder’s attention to detail … from growing to picking, processing, roasting, and packaging is all designed to ensure that you will receive Espresso Roast Kona Coffee that is exceptional in every way.

List price: $39.90
Price: $39.90
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