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When to Buy Espresso Roast … in what drinks is it used?

espresso roast

Did you know that most customers that buy Espresso Roast do not use an Espresso machine? Many people prefer the stronger, dark, rich aroma and taste of Espresso and use brew by drip, pour over, or French press.

If you have an espresso machine, our espresso roast is a perfect option for you. It has a very smooth finish along with strong, rich flavor. The espresso machine can magnify the richness while the body of the coffee will thicken due to the coffee oil. As a result, you will get an aromatic and bold cup of espresso.

A shot of espresso is found to be the base for most coffee drinks, including but limited to; café lattes, cappuccinos, café macchiatos, mochas, flat whites and café americanos.