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What Makes 100% Kona Coffee one of the most sought after coffees in the world ?

The magic formula is:

  • The tree and the farm

    • Ideal tree species – Kona Typica

    • Kona weather, soils, elevation

  • The farmer

    • Proper use of fertilizer

    • Control of insects and other pests

    • Tender love and care for the plantation

    • Hand-picking at the height of ripeness

  • Milling and grading

    • Quick processing within 24 hours of picking

    • Careful attention to drying – not too dry, not too moist

    • Meticulous grading, rejecting every undesirable bean

  • Our Roastmaster

    • Artisan roasting by Master Roasters. Not computer dictated, no inexperienced or “minimum wage” people doing the roasting

  • Brewing

    • The final step in the magic formula is up to you to make the best cup of 100% Kona Coffee possible.