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The Steps From Picking to Roasting:

  • polisher and processing coffeePick coffee beans from July-January.

  • Float cherry in a water tank to separate damaged beans from those we wish to process.

  • Pulp the coffee to separate the fruit skin from the coffee beans.

  • Ferment beans in water for about 18 hours to get sugar mucilage off.

  • Dry coffee, in a propane fired dryer, a process takes up to 40 hours or the traditional method of sun-drying which will take about a week or longer depending on the weather conditions.

  • Now you can store the coffee beans in their dry state for up to a year safely, or depending on the demand you may need to start dry mill processing right away.

  • To dry mill, we use machines including Huller, Polisher, Sizer, Density Table and Color Sorter to remove the parchment skin from the coffee beans and sort the beans based on imperfections, size, density, and color to find the best quality possible.

  • Roast the coffee beans to the desired level.