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Roasting Levels of Coffee:

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There are four roasts that we offer at Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation. We call the first American (light), which ends at 410*F and takes around 14 minutes of roasting. The American offers a sweet acidity in flavor with cinnamon after notes. Our second roast is the Vienna (medium), ending at 430*F around 15 minutes into the roasting process. This is the most popular roast as it offers a pleasant nuttiness with a very smooth and balanced after taste. Our third roast is the French (medium dark), ending at 450*F taking about 16 minutes to finish. This provides a stronger flavor including more of a smokiness that many desire. And finally, we have an Espresso (dark) roast which is removed about 30 seconds after the French is completed at 460*F. This is the boldest roast that we offer, coupled with an enjoyable bittersweet chocolate flavor that has become popular.

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