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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

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About The Mountain Thunder Cloud Forest Plantation:


1) How many trees and acres do we have at Mountain Thunder?

  • Approximately 3,000 trees on our 7 acres of organic coffee up at our Hao street location. Additionally, Mountain Thunder owns and leases several other farms producing organic and conventional coffee.

2) What elevation are you at?

  • Our visitor center and coffee milling facility is at 3,200 ft. elevation on Mount Hualalai.

3) How do you pick coffee and how long is the picking season?

  • We hand pick our coffee typically from July through December, normally for 6 months or so.

4) How much coffee do you mill and roast annually?

  • We roast more than 1,000 lbs. weekly, and we annually mill more than the equivalent of close to 1 million pounds of cherry.

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