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Lomi Stick

lomi stickUsed by ancient Hawaiians as a self-massager, lomi sticks are used during lomi lomi massage to relieve tension and to relax muscles, joints and hard to reach areas.

Lomi lomi is a form of traditional Hawaiian massage, performed to heal mind, body and spirit of the individual. From Ancient Hawaiian temples to present day, lomi lomi styles vary, passed down from generations of tradition to anyone with a sincere desire to learn.

Ola Pono lomi sticks are small versions of the traditional lomi stick, designed to be portable and easy to use for self-care. Using Ola Pono Lomi sticks helps to minimize effort, allowing for deeper focus on pressure points. Ola Pono Lomi sticks are harvested from Guava in the forests of The Big Island and made by hand by students at The Lanakila Learning Center, a community program that assists at-risk youths.

The Ola Pono Lomi stick is most effective when used with its sister product, Lomi Balm.





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