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Kona Coffee Grading:

coffee size gradingPrivate Reserve - Is made from the upper screens used in our sorting process which contain the larger, higher quality and best tasting coffee beans. Additionally, Mountain Thunder uses a gravity table and optical color sorter to eliminate any off-color or otherwise undesirable beans to achieve our Private Reserve gourmet quality 100% Kona coffee.

Premium - Is produced from the same screened coffee beans used to make Private Reserve coffee, the grading process is not quite as strict as we use for Private Reserve, but still results in a great cup of 100% Kona coffee at a more affordable price.

Peaberry - Are rare coffee beans that make up only 3-5% of the crop each year. Found to ripen quicker and produce smaller sized beans, Peaberries are captured with special screens that to separate these rounded beans from the normal coffee beans with a flattened side. 100% Kona Peaberry is considered to be more flavorful and has a bit of a higher caffeine content.