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Kona Coffee Club

Free Mugs with Membership

We deliver Kona Coffee to your doorstep or business according to your schedule, automatically! Use our automated online coffee club system to purchase your choice of coffee or desired combination of Mountain Thunder products up to 10% off. Mountain Thunder offers this program for coffee drinkers who really want to drink good-tasting, premium 100% Kona Coffee regularly.

Joining the Kona Coffee Club is easy: just select the items you want and then select how frequently you would like deliveries: bi-weekly (twice a month), monthly or bi-monthly (every other month).

The one thing that we require is that you enroll for a minimum of three orders. This, at its very minimum, is 3 Lbs of our wonderful Kona Coffee, divided over 3 shipments. After three shipments you can log into your account and change your order.

Our most popular option is to have an order shipped every other month. In this instance, you would be required to enroll for a six month period to receive your 10% discount. Note that with a 10% discount, you would be getting the equivalent of Mountain Thunder's full promotional pricing every shipment.


  • The coffee club is an automatic recurring order system that reships an identical order (same as the original order) however frequently you select. Frequency options are bi-monthly (every 2 months), monthly (every month) or bi-weekly (every 2 weeks. 
  • We recommend bi-monthly if you want to save on shipping costs. Two pounds at the same time have only $14.50 for the shipping costs. Shipped separately and the cost is $25.00.
  • We have a 3 order minimum to qualify for the 10% discount offered by the coffee club. 

Some of our popular Coffee Club products: