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How to Make Espresso:

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To brew espresso without a machine:

  • Using a dark roasted coffee, grind to a very fine powder. 2 tablespoons or about 1 oz. per cup of water.

  • Heat kettle. Using a French press, place ground coffee and add hot water that does not exceed 200*F in temperature.

  • Steep for about a minute and press plunger to separate the grounds from the now brewed coffee.


Brewing with a machine:

  • Use filtered water.

  • Using a dark of Espresso roast of coffee, finely ground into a powder.


  • Compact ground coffee with a tamper, this restricts the flow of water. Start with a 30 lbs. Press to make a firm level tamp, this is essential to have an even extraction.


  • Water should be heated to 195*F-205*F.


  • Our recommended dose of a ‘double shot’ should be completed in 25-30 seconds.