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How to Keep Your Coffee Fresh:

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When coffee, like many other agricultural products, oxidizes the quality degrades. There are four main elements that degrade the aroma, flavor and quality of coffee over time. By minimizing these, coffee will stay fresher for longer:

  • Oxygen

  • Heat

  • Light

  • Moisture

Once the coffee bag is opened, whole bean coffee will last longer than ground coffee. While still whole, the coffee will last for about 6 months while the ground coffee beans may last for about 3 months. If you’re going to use the coffee in just a few weeks, folding the bag over, clipping it, and storing in a cool, dry place will suffice. Storing in a refrigerator or freezer is NOT recommended. The coffee will extract moisture and absorb flavors of the other food stored inside.

To prolong the storage of your coffee, you can use one of our Airscape Canisters available in our gift shop and online. These containers help minimize all of the elements that will deteriorate the flavor and quality of coffee. The metal canister prevents light from contacting the coffee and dissipates heat quickly. The double seal formed by the lid and plunger prevent oxygen and moisture from contacting the coffee. Resulting in coffee beans that stay fresh for as long as possible.

airscape coffee storage canister