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How to Grind Coffee:

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We recommend having a personal grinder at home, if not a mortar and pestle can be used. There are four commonly used home grinders:

  1. Blade grinders: Are a handy option that is not too pricey.
  2. Burr grinders: Their precision is well known, however, the motor can tend to get rather hot and may scorch the coffee beans while grinding.
  3. Conical Burr grinders: Have the precision to even grind Turkish coffee and have a slow, cool motor. These are more expensive but are worth it if you are looking for the grinder with the best capability.
  4. Hand grinders: Tend to be very time-consuming.

 coffee grinds

There are different grinds required for the different methods of brewing.

  • Coarse: Are the largest granules of coffee are preferred for a french press or for cold brewing.

  • Medium: This consistency is like granulated sugar and is used for most types of drip coffee and coffee makers.

  • Fine: This powdery, mealy consistency is used for espresso machines.

  • Pulverized: Like a fine flour, is used to produce a Turkish coffee and a special grinder is required to achieve this fine of a grind.