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About coffee roasting:

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coffee cooling after roasting1) Which roast is the best?

- This is strictly a personal preference. Just as many people have their individual taste for how steak should be prepared, coffee drinkers have a different preference on roast level they enjoy most.

2) How long does the roasting process take?

- Depending on the roast being made, our average roasting will take 14-16 min.

3) What does it take to become a roastmaster?

- Like many professions, there are schools, apprentice programs and of course, years of hands-on experience.

4) How do you know when the roast if finished?

- There are many factors that determine when a roast is completed. We watch the

temperature, time, and color of the coffee bean. As well as look for indications of

oil and increase in the coffee bean size.

5) What is your most popular roast of coffee?

- Most of our guests enjoy our Vienna (medium) the most as it offers a very pleasant nuttiness and has a smooth, fruity finish.