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About coffee processing

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1) From start to finish, how coffee much is lost in processing?

  • From 5 - 10% of the harvest is waste, leaves, twigs, etc.

  • The wet milling process yields about one pound of dry parchment for every 4.5 pounds of cherry

  • The dry mill process loss is another 20% processing the parchment to green coffee beans

  • Roasting loss is another 17 – 20% depending on how dark a roast is desired and the moisture content of the green beans

  • There are a lot of variables, but it takes about 7 pounds of cherry to make one pound of roasted coffee

2) How much coffee does Mountain Thunder produce annually?

  • Last harvest season we produced nearly 100,000 lbs. of roasted 100% Kona Coffee. Additionally, Mountain Thunder buys 100% Kona coffee cherry grown on dozens of other farms.

3) How many coffee beans will it take to make a pound of coffee?

  • It takes about 4,000 individual coffee beans to create a pound of roasted coffee. At that rate, it takes more than 10 coffee trees to provide for a single person that drinks two cups of coffee for a year!