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About Coffee in General

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1) What’s the difference between organic and non-organic coffee?

  • While there is a long list of rules that you must follow if you wish to be certified for organically grown coffee, it boils down to two main points; What you feed your trees (fertilizer) and how you protect them (use of pesticides). For an organic farm both of these need procedures must be done with naturally occurring material on an approved list made by the USDA approved Organic Certification organization

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2) Can you eat the coffee cherry and raw coffee beans, and if so, what does it taste like?

  • Yes, you can, the skin of the coffee cherry tastes a lot like bell peppers, the mucilage inside is very sweet, and the beans themselves taste like raw corn or soybeans.

3) How do you decaffeinate coffee?

  • There are a variety of processes for decaffeinating coffee, and they all have some impact on the taste of the roasted coffee beans. Since our goal is to create the best coffee, that would include choosing the best process for decaffeination. We use a company located in Kona that uses the carbon dioxide pressure process which has minimal impact on the taste of the coffee and is the best method we have found thus far for producing a great tasting decaffeinated coffee.

5) Where do your coffee pickers come from?

- The pickers are made up of local people and some seasonal workers from the U.S territories in Micronesia.