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About Brewing

 methods of coffee brewing

1) What’s the best grind for a French press?

  • A coarse grind is preferred to ensure that the extraction of flavor maintains a smooth finish without an overwhelming aftertaste which may occur with a finer grind when doing a French press brewing process.

2) What’s the best grind for cold brew coffee?

  • Similar to the reasoning for making a coarse grind choice for a French press method, it is also recommended that a coarse grind is selected for cold brewing.

3) What temperature is best for brewing coffee?

- Around 195*F-205*F is ideal. Any hotter will result in scorching the coffee.

4) What is the difference between a cold brew and a regularly brewed coffee?

  • Cold brew coffee is steeped in cold water typically for 24 hours. While a regularly brewed cup is made with hot water, this will pull out more of the caffeine than the cold water does, yet the cold brew is known to have more body and flavor.

5) What brews a better cup of coffee, and auto drip or a French press?

- It is up to the preference of the coffee drinker and which brewing technique accommodates their lifestyle and taste best. Some methods of brewing can be more time consuming, like that of a French press.