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100% Kona Hualalai Estate Coffee 16oz

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Our exclusive Hualalai Estate Coffee is from our own 12-acre farm located above 2,000 feet elevation on the historic Hualalai Ranch. Extremely limited availability – when sold out, you will have to wait another year!

We mill it entirely separate from all our other coffees. As soon as the coffee cherry is pulped, we let the moist coffee beans, with the natural mucilage coating, rest tightly packed in a holding tank, without water. In this way, the coffee beans absorb some additional sugars resulting in enhanced flavor characteristics, including hints of floral, berry, and hazelnut. We offer this only in a Vienna Roast to preserve all these enhanced flavors.

This Estate coffee includes all the largest beans as well as the prized Peaberry beans … making a highly desirable 100% Kona Coffee.

A quintessential coffee provides you with all the flavor and aroma you expect from 100% Kona coffee with additional flavor notes, while maintaining low acidity.

Less than 5,000 pounds of our Hualalai Estate will be available from this harvest … order soon.

While it lasts … just $39.92 / full pound.


List price: $49.90
Price: $49.90
Weight: 1 lb
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