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100% Kona Decaf Coffee 16oz


About our 100% Kona Decaf Coffee

Enjoy 100% Kona taste and aroma without the caffeine buzz. To start with, we select Mountain Thunder’s 100% Kona Premium Coffee.

We have a local, Big Island lab processing our 100% Kona Coffee, using the CO2 process, removing at least 97% of the natural caffeine. This process only uses water and carbon dioxide-no risky chemicals!

The local lab that we use does small batches for us to keep Mountain Thunder Coffee separate from any other coffees. More importantly, this allows us to maintain freshness by having many small batches processed as needed, rather than large batches that may sit in the warehouse for months at a time before they are shipped to you.

Special Savings for Coffee Club Members

Would you like to save 10% on your Mountain Thunder Kona Coffee? Save 10% off your first and future orders by joining the Mountain Thunder Coffee Club. Choose shipments monthly or every other month, ensuring freshly-roasted Kona Coffee is delivered directly from our farm to you.

From Farm to Your Cup – The Kona Decaf Journey

Mountain Thunder’s 100% Kona Decaf Coffee starts its journey to your cup from the famous Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our 100% Kona Coffees are grown only in this area-about 26 miles long by 3 miles wide.

The Kona Coffee Belt offers the ideal conditions for exceptional coffee: volcanic soil, cool mountain weather, abundant rain, and higher elevations. It is here where some of the finest coffee in the world is grown.

At the peak of ripeness, our pickers select only the fully ripe coffee cherry and handpick each one. Within 24 hours, we begin processing the coffee fruit in our mill, removing the fruit pulp, and starting the drying process. After our 100% Kona Coffee has reached the proper moisture content, we age it for a few months in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse. This “resting” period helps bring out our famous Mountain Thunder 100% Kona Coffee aroma and flavor.

We sort our green coffee by size, density, and color. These are essential quality steps that allow Mountain Thunder to provide only “the best of the best” 100% Kona Coffees for you. Finally, our RoastMaster roasts our Mountain Thunder coffee daily. We ship the freshest coffees from our farm direct to you.

When we receive your order for Mountain Thunder 100% Kona Decaf in either Vienna Roast (medium) or our French Roast (dark), we will freshly roast your coffee. It is packaged in multi-layer bags that will not allow any moisture to intrude. Immediately after your roasted coffee is precisely weighed and the bag is ready to be sealed, we pump food-grade nitrogen gas into the bag to “flush” out oxygen. This forces out most of the oxygen, which would cause the aroma and flavor to degrade. All this happens less than a second before the bag is heat-sealed, assuring you the best 100% Kona Decaf Coffee you can buy.

All Mountain Thunder 100% Kona Coffees are hygienically sealed in our custom-designed bags. All bags have a valve that allows air inside the bag to escape while not permitting any outside air or moisture to enter the bag. This valve enables Mountain Thunder to package your 100% Kona Coffee sooner after roasting, maximizing that world-famous aroma and flavor.

Of course, you can choose either whole bean or ground in either of our signature roasts: Vienna Roast (medium) or our French Roast (dark).

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Price: $56.90
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