Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation Int'l Inc. 's Coffee Club
Aloha and thank you for your interest
in The Mountain Thunder coffee club.

SAVE UP TO 10% IMMEDIATELY by signing up online for an automated recurring order. No more than a 10% discount will be given for coffee club orders. There will However, be a three (3) order minimum which will be enforced. Discount percentage is subject to market value. Prices are subject to change at any time. You may cancel your recurring order, however, you will have to buy-out the remaining three order minimum to do so at this time. After 3 months, canceling is an automated process done completely online. Coffee Club Orders CAN NOT be changed. If you feel that you need to change your coffee club order, please contact us and we will review your request for a change. However, just because you request a change does not mean that your request will be honored. Please do not buy mugs or t-shirts in your coffee club order unless you plan to have them shipped on a regular delivery schedule. If you do create a coffee club order with mugs or t-shirts, you will be held to purchasing them through the coffee club agreement. Please do not use the coffee club system to get a one time 10% discount. Mountain Thunder's coffee club is designed for serious coffee drinkers who need a regular delivery of their choice of Mountain Thunder's coffee. These customers receive a 10% discount because they are committed to 3 or more orders or deliveries. If you feel you need a discount, but the coffee club is not for you, or you can't adhere to the coffee club terms and conditions, please join our E-club, which is free, and you will receive updates on our current promotions. Mountain Thunder reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

**At this time Organic Coffee is available using the coffee club.

You can make any order combination into a recurring order with the click of a button! You choose whether you want your order to be billed and shipped :

  1. Every week
  2. Every other week (bi-weekly)
  3. Every Month
  4. Every other Month (bi-monthly)
At any time after the first three orders, you can Stop your recurring order and make a new one. From your control panel, you can also re-activate a recurring order once you stop it. Note that if you re-activate a recurring order, you will be held to another 3 order minimum. You can try different coffee(s) with an immediate 10% discount any time of the day.