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Kona Coffee is Mountain Thunder's Specialty.


About Mountain Thunder

Part of the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation Family

Now that you have found our website, you want to know a little bit about us. I am sure that you have many questions. Are we a new farm? Are we really a major processor of Kona Coffee? Are we really Organic? A family owned business--can this be true?

The answer to some of these questions is yes, and some no. Mountain Thunder has been in business for over ten years, so relatively speaking we are new, but we have grown over the years to become one of the major players in the world of Kona Coffee. And yes, Mountain Thunder is one of the most prestigious Kona Coffee companies around. We opt to be certified by several different entities looking at the way we process our coffee organically, where and who we buy our coffee from--is it really Kona Coffee? The agencies that are continuously looking at us are the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture for Kona Coffee authenticity and quality, GOCA an accredited certifier by the United States Department of Agriculture for compliance with organic growing and processing standards, KOFK Kosher Certification and Visa PCI compliance certification company Control Scan who looks at the security of our online transactions.

Mountain Thunder has watched companies come and go over the past ten years. We have developed a sort of originality in the Kona Coffee business, taking the high road. And you will see for yourself that we do things a little different--for the better of you, our customer.

All we do is sell 100% Pure Kona Coffee. And we are a family owned and operated business, which throughout history continues to be the organizational unit that consistently produces only the best quality. All the major coffee companies were originally family owned businesses, and they produced some pretty good coffee in their time--before the accountants got involved, and the shareholders demanded increases in profit, one after another. Of course, we only go in the direction of premium Kona Coffee, not in the direction of corporate politics. We're different, and you can taste the difference.

So, go ahead and read about our company. and Enjoy!

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SIAL Coffee Cup Competition Cetified Gold Bean Award

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